1. Install the theme.
  2. Install plugin HoriAjaxPages. (in design tab)
  3. Activate plugin: HoriAjaxPages. Main theme widget responsible for ajax actions.
  4. Activate features.

Browser support

Theme is tested:

Chrome v.37

Firefox v. 31

Internet explorer 10, 11 (9, 8 partial support)

Google Analytics

Theme will report every URL change to google anlaytics as pageview if universal google analytics code or google analytics plugin from market is installed. You can turn of this in HoriAjaxPages plugin but because page is never reloaded google analytics won't show most of page views.

Custom widgets

Default widgets will work out of the box, but some custom or market widgets that relay on javascript to work might break. To fix that you might need to bind them to theme events. 

Javascript Events

ajaxPageLoading: Is trigered before new page is loaded.

$(document).on('ajaxPageLoading', function(event){

ajaxPageLoaded: Is trigered when page is loaded.

$(document).on('ajaxPageLoaded', function(event, $page, newPage, preload){

$page: loaded page object

newPage: boolean is page new.

preload: boolean is page loaded in background

initPageWidgets: Is trigered after page is loaded to initiaze all widgets that may have to do some javascript work. Default widgets are handled by the theme. Here you would neet to add your $(document).ready code.

$(document).on('initPageWidgets', function(event, $page, newPage){


$page: loaded page object

newPage: boolean is it page new.